Developed by TAPCO exclusively for American Tactical, these wooden 1911 replacement grips by TimberSmith are sure to add a special flair to any full-size 1911. The distinctive pattern offers a solid hold while looking about as sharp and scary as you can get. They are compatible with ambidextrous safeties and are available in either rosewood (pictured) or black.

The 1911 grip market remains strong, with so many guns in the hands of gun owners and an ever-present urge to tinker, customize, and create envy among fellow shooters. Replacing 1911 grips is about as easy as it gets, taking only a few minutes and tools found in nearly anyone’s home. No gunsmithing required.

With an MSRP of $39.99 and new in 2013, these grips available from American Tactical will appeal especially to younger shooters raised on music and wearing clothing that might make their elders cringe.

There’s no word on whether 1911s sporting these grips are more effective against zombies than guns with factory grips, but it’s a safe bet that performance won’t suffer.