Though civilian ownership of fully-automatic firearms is not totally banned, the regulatory hurdles, the expense, and the limited number of available guns makes such a thing a rarity. This doesn’t stop manufacturers and individuals from coming up with novel ideas to get effectively close to automatic performance, and the 3MR Trigger System from Tactical Fire Control (Tac-Con) is the latest and greatest in that arena.

The 3MR is a drop-in system with three modes of operation: Safe, Semi-Auto, and the patented “3rd Mode.” 3rd Mode has a positive reset that drastically reduces the time between shots, achieved by transferring the force from the bolt carrier through the trigger assembly to help get the trigger back into firing position for the next round. The trigger is non-adjustable at 4.5 pounds for law enforcement use.

The 3MR Trigger System is ATF approved and each unit is accompanied by a copy of the approval from the ATF. It is not an NFA part and Tac-Con is making sure to be clear that this is not a bump fire trigger and that each shot requires a pull of the trigger. The system is designed to be safe, accurate, and durable.

There is significant demand for high-volume-of-fire solutions from civilian shooters and collectors despite the continuing high price of ammunition. Systems like the 3MR allow shooters to “take things to the next level” when getting in their trigger time, and there isn’t a lot that brings smiles to the faces of shooters than ripping off a series of closely-spaced shots.