A new tactical plinker out of that old rimfire

Aftermarket stocks for the Ruger 10-22 rifle are nothing new. It only makes sense that the most popular rimfire around gets so much attention from accessory manufacturers, as the huge base of owners continues to grow as 10-22s fly off the shelves. The tactical revolution has not overlooked the .22 market, especially as ammunition availability remains tight and prices remain high. Purpose-built AR-style rimfire carbines are hot, but tactical products for widely-owned guns like the 10-22 make sense for manufacturers, sellers, and buyers.

With money tight and store shelves often thin, buyers are looking to maximize their dollar and an opportunity to upgrade that rifle in the cabinet to a tactical plinker for a minimal investment will look mighty attractive. When a new gun is not in the budget, a chance to make a new gun out of an old one for a reasonable price could be just what a shooter is looking for.

The TacStar/Adaptive Tactical stock is a great example of a premium 10-22 stock and it offers features that other 10-22 stocks do not. Available in a choice of Legends Camo, Kryptek Highlander Camo, and Muddy Girl Camo, it sports an adjustable M4-style buttstock with integrated compartments for two spare Ruger rotary mags. A Picatinny accessory rail is hidden in the fore-end. When exposed, it allows quick and easy mounting of accessories like bipods, forward grips, and tactical lights. When not needed, it can be reversed to allow for a standard hold. A removable barrel insert allows standard tapered barrels or bull barrels to fight tightly and securely.

In addition, a separate monopod is available which mounts in the pistol grip. The monopod is spring-loaded for quick extension up to three inches at the press of a button and provides increased stability for accurate long-range shooting.

The tactical shooting crowd is not content to use stock guns. They are accustomed to the modular construction of military-inspired platforms and will want to be able to customize their rig for whatever mission they choose, whether it’s hunting, competition, backyard plinking, or, as is most likely, an ever-changing combination of all of the above. Stocks like the TacStar/Adaptive Tactical stock bring that modularity to standard guns like the 10-22, which can create another reason to shoot opens up the opportunity for additional accessory purchases.