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Today Mathews launched two new bows, including one they say will appeal to the “all-around” archer — whether a competitive target shooter or serious hunter — and another that’s designed for smaller-framed shooters and women.

Dubbed the Chill X and Chill SDX, Mathews wanted to give the new bows “their own spotlight” with a mid-May launch.

“These are amazing bows and we didn’t want to see them get lost in the limelight of our other flagship models,” said Mathews and Mission Archery media representative Corrine Bundy. “We are still going into buying season and many archers haven’t chosen a bow for the fall. We really wanted to expand our offering and give those archers more to choose from.”

The new Chill X was designed to be the perfect 3-D target shooting and hunting bow. Measuring 35-inches axle-to-axle and boasting the new AVS DYAD Camsystem with enlarged perimeter weight, the Chill X provides a solid, stable platform and an excellent post-shot feel. Designed to hit speeds up to 336 fps at 75-percent letoff, the 7-inch brace height, 4.23-pound Chill X is fast, forgiving and light, the company says. The bow also comes with ROCK MODS which are designed to also fit AVS Perimeter Weighted DYAD cam systems for the entire Chill lineup.

“The Chill X is a bow we are really excited about,” Bundy noted. “This is just a do-all type of bow. Whether a hunter is heading out West, sitting in an Eastern treestand, or shooting in a 3-D tournament, this bow will meet their needs.”

Designed specifically for serious female archers, the Chill SDX comes in 50-, 60-, and 70- pound draw weight ratings and is available in half-size draw lengths from 25.5 to 30.5 inches. The AVS DYAD Cam system with perimeter weight was designed to give the bow a smooth draw and seamless transition into letoff. The 7-inch brace height SDX is available in black, Lost Camo, and can be enhanced with Mathews’ new PNK graphics package.

“We really struggled with naming this bow because not only did a lot of girls prefer the Passion and the Jewel, but so did a lot of guys with shorter draw lengths. Guys would just choose the tactical version and deal with the name,” Bundy said. “Though this is a female bow, we wanted to brand it with a unisex name and offer it in a variety of finishes. This way everyone feels comfortable shooting it. The SDX is a high-performance bow that short draw archers are going to love.”