Vertical grips are among the most common tactical rifle accessories available. Nearly everyone, from professional to competitor to backyard plinker, at least experiments with one to see how it feels and if it’s appropriate for their gun and shooting tasks. The IWI US Tavor SAR, which utilizes a bullpup configuration to deliver rifle-size performance in a short package, is a bit of a special case and accessories designed for ARs and similar standard-style long guns aren’t always optimal when paired with the SAR’s ergonomics. The T*Grip from A*B Arms is designed to rectify that shortcoming.

 “We saw that the TAVOR SAR had limited accessories and the ones that were available through other parts manufacturers were actually designed for AR-15’s and other rifle platforms yet coincidentally worked on the TAVOR as a second thought. We saw some subtle issues with these designs and decided to design and manufacture our own vertical grip specifically for the TAVOR SAR,” said Jason Combs, President and Founder of American Built Arms Company.

The T*Grip is constructed of a proprietary polymer composite blend and utilizes two bolt attachments for secure mounting. Its low-profile, side-swelled design gives the shooter positive grip control during rapid maneuvers and repeated firing and helps prevent unwanted rotation which can occur on circular grips. Its size and angle reduces the chance of catching on gear or clothing. It incorporates a compartment that can hold two AA or one CR123 battery. It mounts on any standard tactical rail.

A*B Arms is a veteran-owned manufacturer of firearms and accessories headquartered in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.