H&K is one of those “need we say more” firearms manufacturers that could be considered the Porsche of rifle and pistol makers. Their H&K 416 is the go-to rifle for top tier special operations troops and their pistols have a solid following amongst military and civilian shooters alike.

On June 10 the company introduced a new handgun to its lineup — the striker fired VP9. Offered in 9mm, the new pistol is the result of over four years of development and features a much more user friendly trigger, the company says. The grip is customizable with new backstraps and grip panels.

“The new VP9 is just such a product. It’s been through just about every test possible — NATO and U.S. NIJ drop tests, extreme environment testing, durability shooting, and the most comprehensive ammunition testing with the widest variety of 9 mm imaginable. It came through those trials with flying colors,” said Wayne Weber, President of HK-USA.

Check out the H&K video for a good run through and see the specs for the VP9 here.