Early this year, Kahr Arms introduced the CT40 and CT45 handguns as value-priced full frame handguns chambered in .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Now the new CT9 model completes the line with a 9mm model.

The CT line features a full-sized polymer frame with textured grips and a matte stainless steel slide. It is double action only and has a 3.965 inch barrel. The sights are white bar-dot and adjustable for drift. It weighs just 20.6 ounces with magazine and is 6.5 inches long overall, 5.08 inches high, and has a slide width of 0.90 inches. It comes with an 8-round magazine.

The CT series is based on Kahr’s popular TP series, using improved manufacturing processes and a simplified design to cut costs and offer a quality gun for a reduced price. Compared to the TP series, the CT series has a pinned front sight instead of adjustable, conventional barrel rifling instead of match-grade polygonal, and fewer markings and machining operations on the slide. Though a little plainer looking than the TP series, the CT line guns retain Kahr’s design innovations and commitment to quality, with an intent to make Kahr available at a reduced price for today’s tougher and more competitive economy.

For a limited time, the CT9’s MSRP of $449 has been reduced to S369. Additionally, customers can download a coupon from Kahr’s web site for a second magazine free of charge.