The recent sanctions by the Obama administration against the Russian makers of the Kalashnikov rifle line have caused many dealers and shooters to scramble for every available AK out there. It’s a tight market now, and Shooting Sports Retailer just obtained information on where dealers and retailers can get their hands on the limited supply still in the U.S.

The Tullytown, Pennsylvania-based RWC Group has a limited quantity of Saiga IZ133Z rifles, which include Command Arms accessories like pistol grips, vertical grips and railed forends. The Saiga IZ109T 12 gauge shotgun is also available with Command Arms accessories included.

The products will be available through AcuSport; Bill Hick’s; Big Rock Sports; United Sporting Company; RSR Group; Sports South and Chattanooga Shooting Supply starting September 1.

All products comply with current sanctions and no additional shipments from Russia are expected.