One of the most talked-about new products recently has been the new Remington R51 subcompact 9mm pistol based on the Model 51 of the early 20th century. Unfortunately for early buyers, not all of the pistols performed as expected, and Remington halted production as complaints began to pile up so that they could investigate. The company released an announcement that problems had indeed been found and that customers who bought an R51 will be allowed to exchange it for a new one after production resumes.

“While we determined the pistols were safe, certain units did not meet Remington’s performance criteria,” read part of the release. “The performance problems resulted from complications during our transition from prototype to mass production. These problems have been identified and solutions are being implemented.”

A number of issues, including failure to feed and loose sights, were reported by various R51 owners.

The old Model 51 was designed by John Pederson and built between 1918 and 1927. It was chambered in .380 and .32 and utilized a unique delayed locking breech action that allowed higher-pressure cartridges in a lighter and more accurate gun.

The R51 uses this same action and a design based on the original while upping the cartridge to 9mm and supporting +P. The exterior is smooth and snag-free for pocket carry. The mag release is ambidextrous and it uses a grip safety. Magazine capacity is 7+1 and the MSRP is only $389. A model chambered in .40 S&W is said to be in the works.

Shooters who exchange their R51s will also receive two extra magazines and a custom Pelican case. Production of the pistol is expected to start back up in October.