Personal electronics have quickly become commonplace in the hands of shooters. Whether smart phones at the range or in the tree stand, GPS receivers in the field, or precision weather meters in the hands of professional snipers, these gadgets gone from “nice to have” to crucial parts of a successful day almost overnight. Firearms accessories, too, are becoming more and more electronic, particularly optics. This makes keeping all of that advanced gear charged in the field, often miles from the nearest outlet, a challenge. Batteries are heavy and expensive, and portable charging devices are not cheap and come with a limited capacity.

TrackingPoint, makers of computerized and networked Precision Guided Firearms, know how important a charged device can be. Smart guns become dumb when the battery goes out. So they’ve developed the Solar Backpack to keep the smart devices smart even on extended forays into the wild.

The TrackingPoint Solar Backpack incorporates a four-panel folding solar panel charger that provides up to 16 watts of power. The solar panels modules are waterproof sealed for durability and operation in all sorts of environments. The charger has a standard USB outlet for charging nearly anything. It provides 5 volt, 2.8 amp output and is powerful enough to charge smart gun batteries, smart phones, tablets such as the iPad, and anything else with a USB cord. It also has a 12V, 1 amp auto socket.

The backpack itself has padded shoulder straps and a removable waist strap. It has MOLLE mounting points and a handgun carry pocket. It’s made of urethane coated 500D Codura, and the folding charger can be removed and mounted via MOLLE to other packs if needed.

TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearms have recently been featured on the cover of Popular Mechanics magazine, in Popular Science, and on CNN.