As AR-style rifles have veered into the multi-colored market, semi-auto handguns are starting to get into the game, with new finishes, blinged-out polymer and custom grips.

The latest entry into the “loud-and-proud” pistol crowd is the new limited edition line of Kahr CW9 handguns. Partnering with renowned firearms distributor Lew Horton, the company now offers a CW9 with an electric cobalt blue slide, an “All American” version (complete with a pinup girl posing in front of an American flag) and a Molon Labe model.

“The slide features three engraved features, including a polished Spartan Lambda Shield on the top rear of the slide, and a Spartan helmet on the right side of the slide,” Kahr says. “Engraved on the left side of the slide is the Latin text, ‘MOΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ’ which translates to ‘come and take them.’”

Due to the collector value of the three special edition pistol designs in the CW9 series, the production run is limited to only 200 of each model. Suggested retail prices range from $558 to $603.