Stag Arms has introduced two new pistol caliber carbines, the first such guns in its line. The Stag Model 9 and Stag Model 9T are both chambered for the 9mm cartridge and bring AR-style operation, performance, and modularity to a pistol round for excellent performance at shorter range.

The 9mm, when used in a carbine configuration, can be superior to the standard 5.56mm intermediate rifle round for close quarters shooting, particularly for defensive purposes. With an effective range of up to 200 yards out of a carbine-length barrel, a 9mm carbine can be the ideal choice due to decreased muzzle flash, lower recoil, and reduced over-penetration while delivering a hit with a heavier bullet. Ammunition commonality with pistols is an added bonus, allowing interchangeability with defensive handguns and even magazine swapping depending on the guns used.

The Stag Model 9 and Model 9T both feature a 16-inch barrel and a carbine-length gash system. They have 6-position adjustable stocks and the safety, charging handle, and mag release are all identical to standard AR-pattern carbines and rifles, making operation instinctive for those who regularly shoot ARs. They use Colt-style 9mm magazines, something that owners of 9mm Colt pistols will want to take note of.

Unlike many pistol-caliber carbine conversions available on the market, the Stag Model 9 and Model 9T have been designed from the ground up as pistol caliber guns. The magazine well is fully integrated into the lower receiver, making the fit correct and reliable, a common failing of conversions which use adapters. Internally, the Stag Model 9 and Model 9T use special hammers, magazine catches, and buffers to maximize performance and reliability, something critical for guns that will often be tasked with home defense.

The Model 9 is Stag’s standard model, with a railed flat top upper receiver, railed gas block, and Diamondhead VRS-T modular handguard. The Model 9T is Stag’s tactical model which uses a free floating Diamondhead VRS-T modular handguard and Diamondhead flip-up sights. As is standard for Stag, both models are also available in left-handed versions.