Federal Judge Anthony Ishii overturned part of the California law that requires a 10-day waiting period for firearms purchases. The “cooling off period” will be waived for buyers who have concealed handgun carry permits or have already passed background checks for firearms purchases and own at least one firearm known to the state of California. The wait was ruled an unconstitutional infringement on the rights of gun owners.

Others will still have to wait ten days.

“There is no evidence that a ‘cooling off period,’ such as that provided by the 10-day waiting period, prevents impulsive acts of violence by individuals who already possess a firearm. A waiting period for a newly purchased firearm will not deter an individual from committing impulsive acts of violence with a separate firearm that is already in his or her possession,” Judge Ishii said in his ruling from U.S. District Court.

Plaintiffs Brandon Combs and Jeff Sylvester, represented by the Second Amendment Foundation and the Calguns Foundation, sued in late 2013.

The new ruling won’t take effect for six months, allowing time for appeal or the creation of new laws to address the concerns of those disappointed by the ruling. A spokesman for California’ attorney general said that they are reviewing the ruling as they decide whether or not to file an appeal.