In an innovative new ad campaign, leading laser sighting system manufacturer Crimson Trace is trying to capture the breadth and depth of the defensive handgun market and is making the case for having the added insurance of a laser system on consumer firearms.

The new “Condition Crimson” ads feature images of “normal citizens” that represent the core of the Crimson Trace customer base, including a “Tiger Mom,” an “Empty Nester,” an “AR Guy” and a “Core Customer.”

“As the industry leader, we’ve taken on the challenge of speaking to every segment of today’s personal protection firearm owner,” said Kent Thomas, Crimson Trace Director of Marketing. “Today’s new gun owners find that practice, classes and training gets them only so far, but they’re never fully and completely prepared until their personal protection firearm is equipped with a laser sighting system. That’s the message of Condition Crimson.”

The campaign features what Crimson Trace calls “normal armed citizens” and doesn’t use high-tech photography and professional models. The ads will appear in major firearms magazines and will likely wind up in sales collateral in stores to entice gun-buyers to think of lasers as an important add-on.