Leading multi-purpose gun oil manufacturer Ballistol is a bit stumped by so many retailers asking where they can get the host of gun lubricants the company makes. So in a move intended to push more product to the market, Ballistol is searching for new pros to rep its goods to retailers.

“While Ballistol is gaining momentum in the US, we still have some areas available for the right rep group to cover,” stated Patrick Palumbo, National Sales Manager for Ballistol, USA. “As more of our customers call us wanting to buy Ballistol direct, we know that we need to open up more dealers to our product line to service them better.”

Developed in the years before World War I by the Imperial Army of Germany, Ballistol is a special compound designed to lubricate and protect firearms components as well as to help preserve leather and wood. To test this fact, the original makers of Ballistol lubed up several rifles with Ballistol, wrapped them in wax paper and left them in a trunk for 25 years.

“The trunk was [then] opened and the firearms inspected.  All weapons had remained completely rust-free on both the inside and outside, and no resinification of Ballistol had occurred,” the company says. “After pulling a dry cotton patch through the barrels, several rounds were fired from the weapons without malfunction.”

Anyone who thinks they’ve got what it takes to rep for Ballistol should contact Palumbo at Patrick@ballistol.com.