Gunskins are do-it-yourself high-performance vinyl wraps for firearms and firearm accessories available in a variety of tactical, hunting, and traditional camouflage patterns. They are waterproof and have a non-reflective matte finish, and can be removed without damaging the gear or leaving residue. Recently, a strategic partnership between Gunskins and Valdyr Camouflage was announced that will bring Valdyr’s patent-pending 3D technology platform to bring consumers the look and feel that they desire.

“Gunskins is providing what the customer wants. We are excited to add Valdyr to our list of pattern options,” said Kevin Lyon, Founder and CEO of Gunskins. “We recently did test runs and applied the skin to a handgun and to an AR-15 and Valdyr made the firearms look amazing. I have never seen anything like it with the depth and the break up. It will be on the shelf for a long, long time.”

Gunskins are economical and can easily be applied to rifles, shotguns, handguns, magazines, and much more. Kits designed for various guns and accessories with pre-cut pieces simplify the application process. Video instructions on the Gunskins web site guide the user through the process. A heat gun or blow dryer and a razor knife are used to apply and trim the Gunskins after the gun or accessory has been degreased.

All three of Valdyr Camouflage’s realistic and practical patterns, Arid, Transition, and Woodland, will be available on Gunskins.