Clothing and accessory maker Gaston Glock just released three new stylish knives for the sportsman who demands the best out of all his gear.

The Meteorite Damascus and Eurofighter pocketknives trace their lineage to a forgotten design from the days just before World War II. Gaston Glock reportedly uncovered the designs at a 175 year-old company in Solingen, Germany. Special tools and skilled blacksmiths were required to complete the manufacturing of the new blades.

The Meteorite Damascus and Eurofighter knives feature high-end hardware and components like steel from a Mauser BK-27 cannon and Mammoth bones. The Meteorite retails for $795 and the Eurofighter sports a $525 price tag.

Rounding out the line is the modern Liner Lock pocketknife. Sporting the same steel as the Eurofighter knife, the Liner Lock features titanium inside planks and a carbon fiber handle. The Liner Lock retails for $745.