For a few years, Israel-based FAB Defense has offered an interesting conversion kit that allows owners of some Glock models, Sigs, Berettas and CZs — among others — to simply drop their handguns into readymade frame and turn them into subguns.

While a cool idea, this immediately turned the conversions into short barreled rifles, requiring anyone who used the FAB Defense KPOS PDW kits to apply for an NFA stamp. That gave some folks a second thought when considering the conversion kit option.

During the 2014 National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, last week FAB Defense told us about its just released Pathfinder KPOS PDW conversion kit with a folding pistol tube, similar to an AR pistol buffer tube. This conversion kit turns your Glock into a more accurate firearm that can be easily concealed and deployed for personal defense.

“The Pathfinder KPOS was introduced to provide shooters with the benefits of the KPOS system without the restrictions of SBR laws,” FAB says. “The Pathfinder KPOS is stabilized by the shooters hands on the pistol, the shooter’s cheek on the stabilizer tube, and the sling on the shooter’s body. Pushing the Pathfinder KPOS forward against the sling creates tension and stabilizes the pistol.”

Pathfinder KPOS PDW kit comes with folding sights, a VTS tactical hand stop and a bungee sling. It’s offered exclusively in the U.S. by the Mako Group and retails for $681.