When you’re considering line of clothing and gear for your store, don’t forget that the various outdoor lifestyle and hunting crossover categories have a good deal of consumer appeal, and you may want to consider stocking some of these garments. A good example of this trend is seen in the clothing made by Mountain Khakis of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

While Mountain Khakis doesn’t have a hunting line, per se, many of its clothes are favored by upland bird hunters, including their Men’s original Field Pant with Chap-style reinforced legs with nylon and ‘mud flap’ reinforced heel cuffs. Often the Field Pant is paired with the Stagecoach Vest.

Hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts also like the company’s flannel long sleeve shirts, some of which are made from wool-poly-Lycra blend fabrics for better performance.

“We like to think that you can wear our clothes for an afternoon’s pheasant hunting, and then go out to dinner at a nice restaurant and still be dressed appropriately,” says Noah Robertson, Mountain Khakis’ design director and a co-founder of the company. “We’re selling a lifestyle look, that’s true, but our customers want clothing that can function in the field, too.”