Over the past few decades, the Beretta 90 Series pistols have been among the most common and recognizable handguns on the planet, most famously the Berretta 92FS and the M9 pistol adopted by the U.S. military.

In recognition of a century of Berretta semi-automatic pistols and three decades of the M9, the company will be producing some special Limited Editions of these guns.

“In 2015 Beretta celebrates the 100th anniversary of its semi-automatic pistols and the 30th anniversary of the M9, so this is a wonderful time to re-introduce some of our most popular and significant 90 Series models,” said Rafe Bennett, Vice President of Product Marketing for Beretta USA.

One of the Limited Edition pistols is the Berretta 92G. It has a decock-only action while retaining two safeties. It’s a DA/SA hammer-fired pistol with 3-dot sights and 15 or 10-round capacity.

The other Limited Edition is the Berretta 92FS Brigadier, another DA/SA hammer fired pistol, that features a heavy slide profile that reduces recoil and a removable front sight that allows for easy customization with an aftermarket sight. It’s available in blued or inox and also has a 15 or 10-round capacity.

“We are thrilled to let Beretta 90 Series fans know that we have been listening to their feedback,” said John Tamborino, Tactical Product Manager for Beretta USA. “The 90 Series is the flagship of Beretta pistols and is well known throughout the world as one of the most accurate, reliable, and proven pistols on the market. These classic, limited-run models will kick off our anniversary celebration and lay the groundwork for additional 90 series models to be developed in the near future.”