Wiley X protective eyewear isn’t just for tactical operators in the sands of Afghanistan anymore, and to prove it, the company has introduced new styles to its Vapor and Romer 3 line that will appeal to shooters at the clay field or the 180-degree range.

The new WX Vapor is a lightweight, shield-style eye pro that’s not only comfortable, but also offers an extremely large field of view. Its double-injected frame design increases wearing comfort by reducing combat load and relieving pressure on the bridge of the nose and ears.

Wiley X offers the new Vapor in four configurations, including a matte black frame paired with either grey and clear lenses, or grey, clear and rust lenses. The Vapor also comes in a tan frame model with similar lens options.

The new Changeable Series Romer 3 is a full-frame, wraparound style design with Wiley X’s unique Slot technology to allow for easy lens removal and replacement while maintaining the highest level of structural integrity and protection. The Romer 3’s ultra light, ergonomic design provides comfortable all-day wear — even in harsh conditions and during strenuous activity.

The Vapor carries an MSRP between $100 and $120; the Romer 3 comes in at an MSRP of between $85 and $95.