Dry fire practice is great. Laser trainers work too. But nothing beats off-range practice with a full-sized, full-weight handgun with a recoil impulse.

Airsoft guns can work for that, but for customers who require something a little more substantial, Gletcher Military Precision now offers well-made handgun clones that shoot BBs or pellets using CO2 cartridges. 

The company stocks a variety of handguns that mimic their ballistic brethren, including Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson and Beretta pistols. Each have full blowback capability and fire .177 steel BBs.

“Before now, Gletcher was only available in Eastern Europe, and for the first time this popular brand will now be offered in the United States,” the company says. “Gletcher has a large collection of Co2 pistols that will appeal to most air gun enthusiasts such as their unique Russian Legacy models, a rifled revolvers series, as well as classic and modern pneumatic firearms.”

The cool thing is that Gletcher also has a host of old-style handgun replicas, including the iconic Mauser M712 and the Belgian Nagant M1895 revolver.

The company has just released a new website with all their authentic-looking replicas.