For some companies, protecting the brand is as important as making a profit. In fact, the two can be closely tied.

Some manufacturers keep a close eye on street price versus MSRP with their retail partners, while others are a little lax. LaserMax has just announced that it is requiring its retail partners to stick to a strict pricing schedule beginning in 2015. 

“Aimed at enhancing brand value to our dealer network, the new MAP policy protects the LaserMax brand as a premium accessory provider and preserves the company’s reputation for offering quality products,” said LaserMax Distribution Sales Manager, Rick Storace. “In addition to protecting our competitiveness, safeguarding the image of our products is a key priority for 2015.”

The differences between MSRP and MAP prices vary according to a price sheet sent to Shooting Sports Retailer. For example, the Centerfire Green Laser for the Ruger LC9 and LC380 has an MSRP of $249, but retailers may not go below an advertised price of $229.

According to LaserMax execs, the company will “monitor advertised prices for all of our commercially sold products as listed on our 2015 Price Sheet … on a regular basis.” If a retailer advertises a LaserMax product below the MAP price, the company will “immediately suspend shipments to the retailer” until LaserMax has been notified that the pricing has been corrected. 

“Should a retailer not conform to the LaserMax MAP policy, that retailer will be notified that LaserMax and our distributors will suspend shipments to the retailer for a minimum of 12 months,” the company says.

LaserMax says it will distribute a Minimum Advertised Price versus MSRP schedule to its retail partners soon. Any shops who haven’t gotten it yet should contact LaserMax’s Rick Storace at