It’s been rumored in the works. There’s been scuttlebutt about it for more than a year. And now it’s here for all the world to see.

FNH USA has finally released its much anticipated FNS-Compact carry pistols in 9mm and 40 S&W. Each comes in at a hair under seven inches, with a 3.7-inch barrel and can accommodate a double-stack magazine. The 40 can hold 14 shots, the 9mm 17 shots. The frames are a comfortable 1.3 inches wide and don’t bulk out your waistline in IWB mode.

The pistols come in versions with our without a thumb safety and each has ambidextrous controls. They’re shipped with three mags: two 10-rounders 12-rounders and one 14 or 17-rounder depending on the caliber. They fit well in the hand and have decent three-dot sights.

Shooting Sports Retailer got our hands on a T&E sample of the FNS-Compact 9 and had a great time putting a preliminary 40 or so rounds of Winchester Train and Defend ammo through it. My pistol shooting has recently gone to the birds, and I was gratified to find the FNS-Compact shot easy half-inch groups at seven yards right out of the box. The one issue I found was with the magazine release, which is slightly recessed and the off side tended to bump into my shooting hand when I did my normal dump attempt.

That’s nit-picky and we’ll put the FNS-C through its paces for a more in-depth review and video after SHOT. But even this early, I can surely see how many may consider the FNS-C the carry gun to end all carry guns.