Three new camouflage patterns for the Steyr Scout Rifle will be available for a limited time. The Steyr Camo Scout Rifles are currently available in “Early Fall,” “Mid Fall,” and “Late Fall.”

Just last month, Steyr introduced two new base colors for their Scout Rifle, OD Green and MUD, Steyr’s tannish tone similar to typical flat dark earth. Additionally, the base MSRP for Steyr Scout Rifles was reduced to $1,699 due to high volume production. The new OG Green and MUD rifles joined the standard black and gray models.

Steyr noted that “overwhelming customer demand” for camouflage options for the Scout Rifle led to the creation of the Camo Scout models. Steyr Arms is partnering with an Alabama-based company that specializes in hydro-dip coating to create the limited edition run of Camo Scouts. They will have an MSRP of $1,799.

The Steyr Scout is based on the scout rifle concept of Jeff Cooper and is the result of a long collaboration between Cooper and Steyr Mannlicher, GmbH. It is a lightweight general-purpose bolt-action .308 with a 20-inch fluted cold-hammer-forged barrel and the ability to mount a low-powered scope forward for long eye relief, preservation of peripheral vision, and quick reloading. The accessory rail mounts a ghost ring rear sight.

The Steyr Scout and its Camo Scout brethren incorporate a folding bipod into the forearm and a spare magazine can be stored in the stock. It has five sling attachments that allow the use of either standard slings or a Ching Sling which can be utilized to stabilize the gun while aiming. The Scout can be fed either from the magazine or manually with individual rounds while the magazine is set to “reserve.” The Steyr Scouts have an overall length of only 39.4 inches and weighs only 6.6 pounds.