The chamber area of an AR is always more than a little challenging to keep clean. The star simultaneously provides many crooks and crannies for residue and gunk to build up and makes effective cleaning an awkward and difficult proposition. Since clean guns shoot better, this has long been a problem area for ARs and modern sporting rifles.

The Otis Star Chamber Cleaning Tool aims to make this task a little easier and more effective. The unit’s handle aids in maneuvering and the extendable shaft makes it easier to reach into the chamber. It comes with a scraper head to remove hardened fouling and build-up. The scraper is hard and firm but softer than the chamber, meaning that it won’t damage the interior of the rifle. Once the hardened residue has been scraped clear, the scraper can be replaced by a felt star pad to remove the debris and lubricate the star. Additionally, the Star Chamber Cleaning Tool’s 8-32 threads can accommodate other brushes for additional cleaning.

The Otis Star Chamber Cleaning Tool is currently in prototype but should be available in May. It will be available in both 5.56/.223 and 7.62/.308.