Customers who are into AR-style rifles know that one of the best ways to upgrade their rifles is to change out the trigger.

Stock ARs come with a gritty trigger that’s got a heavier pull, more travel and a not-so-crisp reset. You can do a lot aesthetically with the AR, but ripping out the guts and putting in a new trigger can be one of the most profound enhancements to an AR a customer can do.

An after-market trigger maker that’s starting to make waves in the industry that retailers should surely consider is Hiperfire. The cool thing about this company’s offerings is that it makes a trigger for virtually any AR owner — whether he wants to rip out strings on a 3-Gun course or chill out at the local range without spending a ton a money on an upgrade.

For the competitors, Hiperfine offers the Hipertouch 24 family of triggers with adjustable trigger weight and a much higher hammer fall energy for a variety of ammo. For the more budget-minded AR owner, the Hipertouch EDT offers a user adjustable trigger from 4.5 to 5.5 pounds and “the sear design paradigm used in the 24s has been included making for a very smooth and flat pull with only a hint of creep, a clean break with little over travel, and a fast positive reset.”

The Hyperfine family of triggers is priced from $90 to $250 and is a great option for shops catering to the AR shooter.