The new Laser Plinking Can Kit from LaserLyte combines a Trigger Tyme Compact Training Pistol, an LT-PRO Pistol Laser Trainer unit, and three LaserLyte Plinking Cans into one kit ready to deliver hours of fun and valuable training right out of the box.

The LaserLyte Plinking Cans are each powered by a 9-volt battery and use a spring-loaded plunger released by a solenoid to tip the cans when hit by a LaserLyte laser shot. Once hit, the cans are easily re-set by depressing the plunger and ready to go again. One battery will power the cans for up to 8,000 hits and provides hours of practice and entertainment.

The Trigger Tyme Compact Training Pistol is a small training gun for safe and realistic training by anyone in any environment. The Trigger Tyme pistols do not accept real ammunition, and the compact size makes it great for kids and other shooters with smaller hands. It is roughly the size of a Glock 42 and is weighted and balanced to feel like a real handgun and come with a 5.5 pound trigger that has realistic take up and break action for accurate simulation. The Trigger Tyme Compact Training Pistol is designed to accept the LT-PRO Pistol Laser Training Unit.

LaserLyte’s LT-PRO Pistol Laser Trainer is a unit which mounts inside the barrel of either the Trigger Tyme Training Pistols or in a real handgun for use with the LaserLyte Plinking Cans or other training devices. The laser is activated by the sound of the hammer or striker. It requires a barrel length of at least 2 inches and fits most major pistol calibers, including 9mm, .40 S&W, 45 ACP, 38 Special, .380 Auot, 357 Sig, and 10mm.

By combining all of these items into one ready-to-use kit, LaserLyte makes unlimited fun and valuable training. LaserLyte also makes full-size Trigger Tyme training pistols and additional electronic target systems compatible with the Plinking Can Kit.

The LaserLyte Plinking Can Kit has an MSRP of $241.95.