Hornady is set to release a new non-lead cartridge able to lay a smack down on big game as tough as wild boar and can be used by shooters and hunters anywhere traditional lead bullets have been outlawed.

The new “Full Boar” ammo is designed around the company’s monolithic copper-alloy GMX bullet designed for deep penetration, and engineered to deliver 95 percent or more weight retention. These bullets also feature a relatively high ballistic coefficient, which aids in bucking the wind and keeping on target at longer ranges.

On the business end, tests of demonstrated these bullets in other loads have a uniform controlled expansion, with recovered bullets expanding to about 1.5 times their original diameter.

Loaded with premium components, Full Boar ammunition is available in a variety of popular calibers and is designed to work flawlessly in all guns, to include ARs and other semi-autos.

“GMX bullets are also available in our Superformance line of ammunition as well,” Hornady’s Neal Emery told me. “That said, due to the peculiarities of the gas impingement system that drives ARs, the longer pressure curve generated by Superformance ammo can sometimes be incompatible. Full Boar ammunition has been optimized with specialized powders for each load to generate an appropriate pressure curve to work flawlessly with gas operated semi-automatic rifles.”

Available initial offerings and the suggested retail price per box of 20 include: .223 (50 gr., $29.85); .243 (80 gr., $43.60); 6.8 SPC (100 gr., $44.17); .270 (130 gr., $46.25); 7mm Rem, Mag. (139 gr., $56.71); .308 (165 gr., $51.04); .30-06 (165 gr., $53.53) and .300 Win. Mag. (165 gr., $56.71).

My initial testing of Full Boar involved a quick range session at 100 yards using a bolt-action Mossberg Patriot topped with a Zeiss Z6i 1.7-10×42 riflescope. This combination consistently produced a nice little 3-shot cluster measuring right at an inch. The real testing will occur in late May, when I am taking this outfit on a black bear hunt in Alberta. Check back here to find out how that shakes out.

Find out more about Full Boar at http://www.hornady.com/store/Full-Boar.