In the volatile world of the nation’s biggest gun companies, news of major management shakeups can be the prelude to a bright future, or a sign of a brand circling the drain.

It’s unclear what the big house cleaning at Remington Outdoor Company means, but one of the industry’s most connected analysts seems to think the news foreshadows an effort by Remington to more aggressively pull out of some recent issues with its products.

Having spoken with several top execs in other gun companies, this latest move is being viewed as the company’s attempt to move past some stormy recent history. That, however, might be easier said than done as two significant class actions still loom on the horizon and the calamitous recall of Model 700 rifles eating into cash flows.

That comes from the Outdoor Wire’s Jim Shepherd, who’s one of the best sourced people in the firearms world. We’ve been tracking Remington’s ups and downs at Shooting Sports Retailer and even interviewed now former CEO George Kollitides back in early 2014.

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From recent experience with Remington during events, it seems at least the company is doubling down on its core consumer business while still enticing the defense sector with its cutting-edge guns that eventually seed the civilian market. It’ll be interesting to see if this new management team changes the face of Remington Outdoor Company going forward.