The folks at SilencerCo just keep pushing the boundaries with their latest email blast outlining a new division that promises to bring “cutting edge technology” within reach of the average consumer.

Dubbed “SilencerCo Weapons Research,” the new branch of the famous can maker says it’s time for shooters to get gizmos previously reserved for James Bond and Jason Bourne.

“For too long, certain technologies have been unnecessarily prohibited from commercial sale or priced out of the attainable range of most civilians,” the company says. “SWR is designing human augmentation devices that are both affordable and capable in order to enhance the shooter’s ability to engage targets, positively identify prey in multiple spectrums, and reduce shooter signature.”

From the promotional teaser video they’ve put out, the maniacs at SilenerCo — you know, the same folks crazy enough to develop a viable suppressor for shotguns — seem to be hinting that they’re going to release a set of goggles that incorporates some kind of heads up display to deliver atmospheric and other important data to a shooter. 

Geeking out on the video, we can see a few things…

First, clearly there’s something to do with a set of HUD goggles. But it also seems that the eyewear can be switched to a night vision mode. There’s also a glimpse of a sort of scope mounted optical device — not sure what that could be but is SilencerCo giving on-the-ropes TrackingPoint a run for its money? We also caught a shot of a carbon barrel in there and even an exoskeleton.

And, uh…yeah, the invisibility cloak? We’re all over that.

The company says it’s going to release its first product from the SWR lab in less than a week, so stay tuned to this space for updates.