In a move that Ruger hopes will get more of its compact LC9s handguns across the counter, the company is offering a $100 voucher for Ruger accessories to anyone who exchanges their hammer-fired LC9 for a newer striker-fired one.

“The LC9s has proven to be a great success; customers love the short, crisp trigger pull of this striker-fired pistol,” said Chris Killoy, Ruger President and COO. “We have heard from some of our existing LC9 owners who say they wish they could trade their model in for the new LC9s. This promotion will help them do just that.”

According to company, shooters can work out a trade in deal with retailers for the new striker-fired LC9 and once they make the purchase, they can contact Ruger with the sales information to shop for accessories.

“How much allowance the retailer gives for the trade is up to the negotiations between the retailer and consumer, although is likely that the consumer will have to spend some money to upgrade from a used, hammer-fired LC9 to the a new, striker-fired LC9s,” Ruger officials say. “Many folks are using the gift card to purchase accessories like spare magazines, holsters and night sights.”