If you’re one of those hard-to-satisfy folks whose mood, likes and dislikes change on a dime, you just might fall in love with the Sig Sauer P320. Like Texas weather, the striker-fired P320 can morph in a moment’s notice from full-size, carry, compact and subcompact to suit any need. Modular functionality even allows shooters to choose small, medium or large grips by simply changing the modular backstrap.

Sig X-Change Kit

While size and grip adjustments might be a home run for most companies, Sig Sauer dove deeper to deliver the type of customizable performance that leaves other gun manufacturers scratching their heads. The result? A tool-less 3-point takedown system designed to separate the serialized stainless steel frame and polymer lower from the steel slide and barrel. This adjustability allows the use of an optional Caliber X-Change Kit that makes converting your P320 between 9mm, .357 Sig and .40 S&W quick and easy.

Sig P320-2

The Sig Sauer P320’s rail even accommodates Sig Sauer red dot optics, such as the Romeo 1, along with fixed sights to allow precise co-witnessing between the two sight systems.  The P320 delivers big on eye-catching innovation, exceptional quality, and the reliability you expect from Sig Sauer.