Slap an IR flashlight on it and rename it something cool.

Sure, sometimes that works just fine to boost sales. But hey, the TrackingPoint rifle is kinda cool without a new name and a beam.

We joke. The new TrackingPoint NightEagle rifle does a bit more than rename the gun and attach an illuminator. With a new IR-sensitive CMOS sensor embedded in the optics, a shooter can beam the attached IR illuminator and see his target without any visible light out to 300 yards, the company says. Using the RapidLok target acquisition and control system, a pesky critter on the move can be targeted, tracked and engaged when the shot is just right.

“NightEagle is purpose-built for predator eradication. Predators will be eliminated with absolute precision 24/7/365,” said TrackingPoint CEO John McHale. “NightEagle is also well suited for homestead defense, herd management and dynamic hunting.”

So how much will this space-aged 5.56 AR-pattern rifle cost you? Well if you’re one of the lucky first 100 to buy it, a cool $7,995 (we’ll call it 8 grand just for fun). If you wait too long, the price climbs to $10,490. But don’t fret, TrackingPoint offers financing for your new Toyota Corolla NightEagle with payments as low as $182 per month for 4 years.

We’d love to hear from any retailers or customers who’ve purchased one of these and what they think of their buy…