Elite Survival Systems might be one of the best pack makers you’ve never heard of.

While the company has a full lineup of tactical gear like pouches and soft holsters, it’s also taken a swing at the discreet carry and transport trend. One of the more interesting packs they’ve introduced this year is the Covert Operations rifle backpack.

Others have tried this before, but the thing that sets the Elite Survival offering apart is its sheer modesty. This thing looks like a slightly larger school book bag, but has all the attachments inside to secure and carry a broken down AR and all the goods that go with it.

The story goes that Elite Survival got a request from a few law enforcement officers who live in condos in the suburbs of Saint Louis and didn’t want to be obvious about it when they took their long guns to the range. So Elite Survival responded and produced an awesome option for shooters who don’t want to scream “tactical” when they go for a little steel banging.

The Covert Operations bag comes in at an MSRP of $224.95.