TROY Defense has questions, but it seems Instagram has no answers.

The American manufacturer of small-arms components, accessories and weapons is well-known for genuine and meaningful social media content to its followers, but recently had the plug pulled on one application.

TROY Defense reported in a press release that on Aug. 19, without any or reason, Instagram disabled and unpublished @WorldofTroy. The company says it has made numerous requests for a review of the account and an explanation for the decision, but no response has been given. TROY has responded by launching the new @TroyIndustriesUSA account.

TROY Defense takes social media very seriously and employs a social media manager and members from sales, service, technical support and the executive staff to monitor daily public presence and online reputation.

TROY Defense also follows Community Guidelines for the photo-posting app, which makes the decision by Instagram seems to be an attempt to unfairly silence another pro-gun voice.

“We don’t spam, buy followers, use illegal means for gains, or promote violence or hate. In fact, we insist on family-friendly images, our content does not contain profanity or nudity, and we diligently promote respect among our fans.” Vice President of Marketing, Juli Brayton said. “We did nothing wrong … except provide too much awesome gun content!”

As with other companies under fire from the clearly discriminating policy of the social media platform, the impact is disruptive and overwhelming. TROY Defense is currently waiting for on a response from Instagram and the reactivation of its account that had nearly 10,000 followers.