Slide Fire Solutions, a veteran-owned, U.S. designer and manufacturer of the patented bump fire technology stocks, have launched a Dealer Locater on its website at

Due in no small part to the success of Ken Jefferies & Associates (KJ&A), the manufacturer’s reps who represent the Slide Fire brand, the popularity of the Slide Fire Stock has increased and more and more gun guys and gals want to know where they can purchase it. The new Dealer Locator will help customers quickly find one of the many dealers nationwide that KJ&A have signed on to the Slide Fire Dealer program and who now carry Slide Fire products.

“Built on the traditional technique of bump firing, our expertly engineered Slide Fire stocks give the user the joy and freedom of rapid fire with the controllability, safety and peace of mind they’ve come to expect from our products,” Jeremiah Cottle, inventor and President of Slide Fire explained.

“Our team is committed to continuing to spread the joy of shooting full auto to gun guys across America. We’ll also be educating and demonstrating to retailers how Slide Fire gets new customers in the door, adds to their bottom line and is just a fun product to carry,” added Ken Jefferies, President of Ken Jefferies & Associates.

The Slide Fire stock system is available for a variety of platforms, including the AR-15, AK-47, M&P 15/22, Ruger 10/22 and Mini-14, Saiga and the increasingly popular .308 platform. Slide Fire also produces a variety of accessories for their platforms, including magazines, hand guards, rails, triggers and more.

Interested in becoming a member of the growing Slide Fire retailer family? Contact Ken Jefferies & Associates at 919-980-4522.