Grayboe has announced the release of its two flagship products — the Outlander and the Renegade. Both stocks are off-the-shelf options for large OEM’s, distributers, custom rifle builders and individuals looking to upgrade their existing hunting or tactical rifle stocks. Grayboe stocks are designed and manufactured with the same strength, quality, and attention to detail as custom fiberglass stocks but come in at half the price and ship within days of being ordered.

Grayboe stocks are constructed of a proprietary solid homogenous compound of fiberglass, calcium silicate and micron sized spheres in a specially formulated epoxy matrix. Each stock is formed under high pressure and heat which creates an exceptionally stiff and high-strength platform that is able to withstand all weather and shooting conditions.

Several color options are available and ready to ship. Standard paint colors include black, khaki, gray and olive with standard Hydro-dip options of Kryptek Nomad, Mandrake, Typhon and Highlander. Additional colors, paint techniques like spider web or speckle, and specialized dipping options are available to high-volume buyers. The materials used in these stocks make it possible for rifle builders to custom Cerakot these stocks to fit their specific customer’s requests.


The Outlander is the traditional hunting stock. The Outlander is ambidextrous with a straight comb and traditional hunting style pistol grip that feels like an old friend. The Outlander is lightweight and sleek for easy and efficient field carry. The slightly oversized fore end will accommodate up to a #5 barrel contour.

Barreled Action Availability

Remington 700 Long Action BDL, Sporter / Magnum Barrel

Remington 700 Short Action BDL, Sporter / Magnum Barrel (Available Summer 2016)

MSRP: $299


Based on the proven McMillan A5 design, The Renegade uses a beavertail forearm that is wider and flatter than most stocks making it suitable for the bench shooter or for real world tactical deployment. Action and barrel sit lower for enhanced stability and control. The Renegade uses a trim pistol grip, helping the shooter to maintain steady rearward pressure and keeping the butt more solidly “in the pocket.” The dual purpose butt hook is fully functional for either riding sandbags or controlling the rifle with the non-trigger hand. The Renegade is ambidextrous.

Barreled Action Availability

Remington 700 Long Action BDL and DBM, Varmint Barrel

Remington 700 Short Action BDL, and DBM, Varmint Barrel

MSRP Starts at $349.