The new Inland Manufacturing T30 Carbine offers the feel of the M1 Carbine from World World II, Korean War and Vietnam War. The rifle revives and re-introduces an historical rifle and is completed with a vintage sniper scope.

The T30 Carbine’s Redfield-style scope base is welded to the receiver just like World War II’s T3 Carbine. An optional 212-power M82 sniper scope is included with purchase. Hi-Lux manufactured the M82 scope. The 78-inch diameter telescopic sight with post-horizontal hair reticle replicates the rugged Lyman Alaskan scope adopted during World War II.

The historically correct Hi-Lux M82 sniper scope is greatly improved for better light transmission and exceptional clarity. It has greater windage and elevation capabilities than the original. The original M1 Carbine held 3 to 6 MOA accuracy at 100 yards, while the new Inland version is capable of 1 to 2 MOA accuracy.

Its nighttime range was 140 yards, though often it was far less.

Original T3 Carbine Background

The T3 Carbine originated during WWII (1944). It was also used in Korea and Vietnam wars. The T3 was originally fitted with the M3 infrared night-vision scope. This early night-fighting unit was state of the art at the time. It was large and heavy by any standard. The scope base was permanently attached to the receiver because the weight wouldn’t allow screws to hold it together. Its nighttime range was 140 yards, though often it was far less.

Many can remember seeing these now-rare, highly collectible infrared systems for sale in outdoor magazines of the late 1950s. When the T3 Carbine was used with the vintage M82G2 optical sniper scope, it extended the “effective range” out to 800 yards.