For deer and big-game hunters headed to the field this fall with shotguns in hand, Browning Ammunition has added polymer-tipped sabot slugs to its growing line of ammunition products. Built for accuracy, this hard-hitting slug is capable of delivering lethal performance beyond 150 yards.
New offerings include:
  • 12-gauge 2¾-inch 1-ounce sabot slug 1,600 fps
  • 20-gauge 2¾-inch  ¾-ounce sabot slug 1,600 fps
Both feature a solid copper, large-diameter sabot slug with a polymer tip. When using a fully rifled shotgun barrel the polymer-tipped slug and accompanying sabot have been designed to provide maximum accuracy and energy transfer. BXS Slugs will come five rounds to a box.
BXS Slugs join Browning Ammunition’s new BXD Turkey, BXD Waterfowl and BXD Upland as the brand’s premier shotshells designed expressly for hunting.

“For hunters looking for exceptional accuracy with tremendous knockdown power, Browning Ammunition’s new BXS Slug provides these hunters with the performance needed to ensure success with every pull of the trigger,” said Ben Frank, Browning Ammunition brand manager.