Unique-ARs, manufacturer of premium designer AR-15 handguards, announced July 28 that all AR-15 handguards in its product line are now available for use with the Pantheon Arms Dolos rapid deployment and takedown system (RDTS).

While primarily designed to enable discreet, concealed carry and rapid deployment of any Mil-Spec AR-15, Dolos extends the capability of any AR-15 through its detachable barrel technology to include multi-caliber support, hot-swappable barrels, and safe storage, among other benefits. With the addition of Unique-ARs handguards to the Dolos compatibility list, customers will have a premium handguard choice for AR-15s equipped with the Dolos system for both retrofit and OEM applications.

Unique-ARs CEO Jim Corbet says of this opportunity “We are excited to announce we are partnering with Pantheon Arms to make our designer handguards compatible with the Pantheon Arms Dolos. This fusion of the artistic side of machining and the convenience of quick separation will be the envy of the market. With this new and exciting premium product line, we strive to produce the most durable and quality products while reaching the broadest market possible.”

“Unique-ARs handguards and Dolos are a perfect combination of form and function,” says Pantheon Arms CEO Steve Roddel.  “Over the next few years, sales of AR-15s and accessories will be driven by offering increased capability beyond the typical black gun.  The combination of Dolos and Unique-ARs offers one of the core solutions that customers have requested.”

Unique-ARs’ vision for the market offers a Unique Rifle for everyone from brand new to avid shooters, collectors, and gunsmiths alike.  Unique-ARs is taking the AR market to a whole new level, and its designer handguards are the beginning of many new transformations ahead, which merge form and function into something truly unique. The AR market is changing, and Unique-ARs is leading that change.

Unique-ARs is offering its handguards along with the Dolos system on its website and through its distribution partners.