Speer will launch five new products within several lines during the 2018 SHOT Show.

“Shooters will appreciate the many new options available for them in 2018,” said Brian Anderson, Senior Marketing Manager for Speer. “Speer’s new products are sure to impress.”

Speer’s 2018 New Products

Gold Dot Personal Protection 10mm Auto: The exclusive Gold Dot construction process gets the most from this power-packed 200-grain self-defense load.

Speer Handloading Manual No. 15: Speer’s largest volume of updated recipes and data for more than 120 legacy cartridges and 13 new cartridges.

Gold Dot Rifle Component Bullets: Self-defense rifle bullets for reloaders. Sold in 13 weight and caliber options.

Grand Slam Rifle Component Bullets: Three new 6.5mm, .243 and .257 hunting bullet options for reloaders.

TMJ Rifle Component Bullets: Two new .224 and .308 calibers. Total Metal Jacket bullet options for reloaders.