Federal Premium has built on its Hydra-Shok platform to create the new Hydra-Shok Deep. The hard-hitting new round delivers improved penetration and reliability to provide handgun owners with a powerful new option for personal defense. Federal Premium will launch Hydra-Shok Deep at the 2018 SHOT Show.

“Hydra-Shok Deep offers consumers a round that results in consistent, reliable performance through typical defensive barriers and penetrates to the depth deemed optimum by the leading law-enforcement agency in the United States,” Larry Head, director and chief engineer of handgun ammunition, said in a press release.

New Hydra-Shok Deep was designed to meet these modern standards. Its bullet features a core design that provides up to 50 percent deeper penetration than original Hydra-Shok and similar loads from competitors, and the center post has been improved so it’s more robust, which provides better integrity and performance through barriers. Testing shows that Hydra-Shok Deep penetrates 15 inches in bare ballistics gelatin, which is the optimal depth, according to FBI standards.

For more information, visit www.federalpremium.com.