Daisy Outdoor Products is sending its inflatable BB gun ranges across the nation to promote safe and fun shooting. The unique inflatable BB gun range provides an opportunity for instructors to teach proper shooting education nationwide. Ranges are scheduled in advance to ship for retail and hunting conservation events where seasoned instructors will work with young people, teaching them gun safety rules and shooting techniques.

This portable and unique shooting range is a great way to introduce the sport of shooting to both new shooters and young shooters helping them become familiarized with safe firearm handling and marksmanship skills. The kit also includes BB guns, BB’s, eye protection, targets and other materials needed to make each event successful and fun.

Setting up the range is quick and simple. The range measures 22 feet, 5 inches long by 9½ feet wide by 8½ feet tall, allowing a small team to successfully host events nearly anywhere.

For more information, visit daisy.com.