PRADCO Hunting is transitioning to a new sales force organizational structure. Under the leadership of Shaun McPhail, Vice President of Sales, sales efforts will be organized into three separate verticals: National Accounts, eCommerce and Regional Accounts.

No significant change is anticipated in how PRADCO Hunting serves National and eCommerce Accounts.

The most meaningful change will impact how PRADCO Hunting serves Regional Accounts, which include all independent dealers, buying groups, distributors, and regional retail chains. Going forward, PRADCO Hunting will no longer be served by an internal, territory sales force.

Instead, PRADCO Hunting’s sales management will work with a team of 3rd party, manufacturer’s rep groups. PRADCO Hunting will continue to work with U.S. rep group Jeff Robles & Associates (Rockies / West Coast) and Kolder Inc. (Canada). Additional rep groups are currently being interviewed to cover remaining US regional territories. PRADCO Hunting anticipates having all rep group partners selected and onboarded by July 2018.

“Hunting is a regional business, and local and regional accounts continue to be the bedrock of our industry,” said Bart Stephens, VP and General Manager of PRADCO Hunting. “Moultrie, Summit, Code Blue, Knight & Hale and Texas Hunter were all built at the local dealer level. These organizational changes reflect our expectation of continued growth at the local dealer level.”

“PRADCO Hunting is fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some of the best rep groups in the country,” added McPhail. “We believe that a network of regional rep groups will give us better coverage at the regional and local level.”

Effective immediately, PRADCO Hunting is soliciting proposals from manufacturer’s rep groups who seek to add iconic hunting brands to their portfolio.

PRADCO Hunting is also hiring for the following open sales positions: Regional Sales Director, Regional Sales Manager (East), Regional Sales Manager (Central), eCommerce Sales Manager, Sales Operations Manager and National Account Manager for Walmart.