Howard Leight by Honeywell has become the official eye and hearing protection sponsor for the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s First Shots program, which trains thousands annually in the shooting sports.

Howard Leight, a leading manufacturer of hearing protection for sport and workplace use, will provide sets of eye and ear protection in the promotional packages provided to all First Shots participants at host ranges across the United States.

“Our hearing and eye protection will help keep participants safe, while maximizing their comfort and enjoyment during their initial experiences in the shooting sports,” said Mercedes Sune-Weaver, product manager of Howard Leight by Honeywell. “Howard Leight by Honeywell shares the NSSF’s goal of expanding participation in recreational shooting in a responsible manner, which includes establishing safety as a priority, and by reinforcing it during every step of instruction.”

“We are thrilled to have Howard Leight partner with us in our First Shots program,” said Zach Snow, NSSF director, Range Services. “Safety in shooting sports is the core of our training, and thanks to Howard Leight by Honeywell, participants will learn how they can protect themselves and make safety a habit from the very start.”

The NSSF First Shots program recognizes that the biggest challenge for new shooters is simply getting started. First Shots eases that challenge by providing basic safety instruction and a fun, memorable introduction to target shooting on the range. More than 43 percent of First Shots participants become target-shooting enthusiasts who individually spend on average more than $600 annually on their shooting sports endeavors.

Ranges of all types and sizes should consider hosting First Shots events, which can focus on an introduction to handguns, rifles or shotguns. NSSF provides host ranges with all program materials and promotional packages to help defray the overall event expenses and help attract a whole new audience to the world of shooting sports. To learn more or to begin hosting First Shots events, contact Ann Gamauf at 203-426-1320 ext. 247.

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