Pulsar has five new Trail LRF models outfitted with multiple features including WiFi remote view and range capabilities to 1,100 yards.

The new Trail LRF models have the same useful features found in Trail thermal riflescopes. Trail LRF models include an integrated laser rangefinder, providing accurate distances from targets to shooters.

That means no more wondering how far away a group of pigs is or if you should use holdovers on that distant predator. Being able to emphasize tough, accurate equipment is a solid selling point for retailers.

The built-in 905nm laser rangefinder integrated in Trail LRF scopes is capable of ranging targets to 1,100 yards or 1,000 meters with +/- 1m accuracy.

Trail LRFs are available in XQ28, XQ38, XQ50, XP38 and XP50 models. They include top features including WiFi remote view via the Stream Vision app, built-in video recording with sound, 8-hour rechargeable battery pack, crisp 640×480 AMOLED display, optional 640×480 sensor, picture-in-picture digital zoom and more.

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