Davidson’s has acquired select assets of “PLE Wholesale” from ProForce Marketing Incorporated.

PLE Wholesale specialized in selling law enforcement dealer programs for many of the firearm industry’s leading manufacturers, including FN America, Glock, Sig Sauer and Smith & Wesson. PLE Wholsale also offered a wide selection of tactical equipment from manufacturers such as Blackhawk, Burris Optics, Streamlight, and Trijicon.

In addition to purchasing PLE Wholesale’s inventory, specific intellectual properties, and attaining distribution rights for top law enforcement and tactical products, Davidson’s has brought aboard key personnel. Davidson’s welcomes to its team sales personnel, a senior buyer of law enforcement products, and PLE’s marketing director.

“The acquisition of PLE Wholesale, really complements Davidson’s current focus on becoming a top-tier wholesale supplier of ammunition, firearm accessories and tactical equipment to dealers nationwide“, stated Bryan Tucker, Davidson’s CEO. “This acquisition, coupled with our new EZ range program and product line additions, will help accelerate our efforts to achieve the goal of increasing our presence as a supplier to firearm and law enforcement product dealers.”

“ProForce Marketing incorporated,, dba ProForce Law Enforcement, from whom Davidson’s is acquiring these assets from is a major law enforcement product distributor for the western United States, specializing in firearms, tactical equipment and TASER products. It will continue to focus on sales of these products to law enforcement agencies and first responders. Its customers include many of the premier law enforcement agencies in the country from which they obtain thousands of law enforcement “trade-in” firearms annually. As part of the purchase agreement, Davidson’s will have priority rights to ProForce’s trade-ins, enabling it to begin offering highly profitable used firearms on a more regular basis to its dealers.”