Firefield is adding to its rail lineup with new Fringe M-LOK Rails designed to handle all M-LOK attachments.

An ideal rail for the AR platform, Fringe M-LOK Rails feature a slim, skeletonized carbon fiber body. This makes them lightweight yet versatile enough to handle all M-LOK attachments.

Firefield Fringe M-LOK rails are available in three different lengths: 10-inch (FF34070), 12-inch (FF34071) and 15-inch (FF34072) for a diverse selection of AR rail systems. The rails come complete with numbered slots to help re-zero attachments and sights when remounting.

A QD sling socket is included to quickly attach a sling on the left or right side. Fringe M-LOK rails will accept most Picatinny-, NATO- and Weaver-sized mounts.