McMillan Fiberglass Stocks introduces the new SENTRY stock, which is based on most Remington type actions and can be custom-configured to accept AR-style buttstocks and grips to improve marksmanship performance.

The McMillan Fiberglass Stocks SENTRY gives shooters more customization options. (Photo: McMillan)

The new McMillan SENTRY is a compact, precision rifle stock that delivers on the company’s proven performance in the Remington action arena. With the growing popularity and familiarity of long range tactical shooters using PRS and DMR setups, the SENTRY accepts buffer tube-based adjustable (and folding) AR-15 buttstocks and countless AR-15 pistol grips. This helps create a custom, hybrid shooting platform that blends the best of the bolt rifle and the tactical semi-auto rifle worlds.

Offered with full inletting (barrel and action), molded-in color and buttstock/grip adapter, the SENTRY features a squared fore-end for maximum retention and adaptation when used in a tripod mounting system.

Optional studs, rails and other accessories are available, and the stock can be inletted to accommodate most Remington-type actions. The grip, buttstock and butter tube are not included.